Latest news from Albury, Surrey

Updated 7th December.

Getting milder now and pleased to report the that all lakes are ice free.

It was a reasonable weeks fishing with 137 fish caught to the week ending 4th December. However we were pretty well iced up for half the week, so it was a very good effort.

The week ahead looks like it will be mild and overcast, perfect winter fishing conditions. The fish are still fairly high up in the water for the time of year so floating lines will work but maybe go to an intermediate line if it gets very cold.  Small imitative patterns such as PTN and GRHE are still working well but expect the fish to become more active and aggressive in the cooler weather which will see small lures working well such as damsel patterns in various styles, cats whisker and fritz patterns.

Early week Discount ……remember that reduced day rod membership of £8 is available on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Instruction news – The next opportunity to take part in a Teach-In Day will be next year on Sat 11th March or Sat 8th April. In addition, 1:1 lessons are available throughout the winter months.

Read the latest from the four Albury Lakes via the links below.

The fishing details for Powder Mills, Vale End, Weston and Park have been moved to the report page allowing you to see all the latest news on a single page whilst freeing up space on the home page.

Latest news from Syon Park, London

Updated Monday 5th December.

ICE ALERT : Fishery is frozen with 98% ice cover this morning but no more frosts forecast this week so should be back to normaal tomorrow (Tuesday).


Please note that the gate entry code has changed and will change every month… please get used to using your membership card to gain entry or you won’t be able to get in!

Another cold quiet week attendance wise with a couple of days fishing lost to ice cover. However, 61 fish were taken.

The top end of the fishery fished particularly well, but fish were definitely in the bottom half of the water so Goldhead flies doing well; Cats Whisker and Blue Flash Damsel took nearly all the bag. If you use a floating line just use a longer leader to get the fly down and move around to find the most productive spots.


Winter Season Rods offering cheaper fishing until March 31st 2017 are available online or on the bank from October 1st.

If you have purchased a season rod or day fishing online your tickets will be issued to you on the bank on your next/first visit.  If you are a first time visitor please call the bailiff on 07956 378138 the day before to get the gate entry code and we will issue you an entry/membership card on the bank.

If you prefer paying by debit card then please pay online via the web site before your visit;  cash on the bank only!

Day Membership on Mondays and Tuesdays (except Bank Holidays) still only £8.00. Summer evening session from 5pm also £8 membership.

For Casting Instruction at Syon Park please contact Robin Elwes on 07973 639268 [email protected] or  Marc Windsor on 07831 827279 [email protected]







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Learn to Fly Fish

Tuition at Albury and at Syon Park


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Day or Season Memberhip

Join Today

Day Member – Pay per visit

Season Member – Pay once with unlimted visits


Buy on-line or on the bank

Fish Tokens are required to Fish at all Albury Estate Lakes
Members need one Token per Fish Landed
No Catch and Release

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Albury Locations

Syon Park Location

Latest News

Updates on Albury Estate Fishing at Syon Park, Weston, Powder Mills, Vale End and Albury Park.



Albury Estate Fisheries

Albury Estate Fly Fishng Club based in Albury Estate and at Syon Park
Albury Estate Fisheries
Albury Estate FisheriesThursday, December 8th, 2016 at 10:14pm
Introducing BFF or Bring a Friend for Free.

Want to introduce a friend to the beauty of Fly Fishing? Well now you can bring a buddy with you for a day’s free fly fishing.

How does this work? Any day or season member can bring any non-member to fish and there is no Day Membership fee for the guest. And for the day you can both share Fish Tokens plus your guest becomes a member of Albury Estate Fisheries with their very own gate key card.

Small Print:

Valid during December 2016 and January 2017.
Existing members may bring a friend to fish at no additional cost. On the day your guest fishes for free and you can share Fish Tokens.
Your guest becomes a member of Albury Estate Fisheries. If your Guest returns they will need to purchase Access and Tokens in their own name.
You can bring as many guests as you like, limited to one guest per day.
Any guest may only visit once for free.
Any Fish Tokens you purchase remain in your name.
All transactions handled on the bank.
Albury Estate Fisheries
Albury Estate Fisheries added 7 new photos.Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 at 12:29am
Lots of work going on at Weston Lake. Reed cutting and general lake cleaning and maintenance.
Albury Estate Fisheries
Albury Estate FisheriesThursday, November 24th, 2016 at 9:13pm
Albury Estate joins Black Friday excitement!

This Friday is Black Friday, that thanks to Amazon is becoming a day associated with on-line specials.

We want to join the fun so we are proud to announce that for the very first time we will be offering discounts on Day Member Fish Tokens and Access.

Two, Four and 10 Fish Tokens along with a One Day Pass will be available with a 10% discount during Friday 25th.

To purchase use coupon "Rainbow10" on the Checkout page.

Looking for the ideal Christmas gift to give?

Looking for items to add to your Xmas wish list?

We have a new page on the Website dedicated to making it easy to purchase Membership, Tokens, Lessons and Guiding with our dedicated Christmas Gifts page. Gift purchases for 2,4 and 10 Tokens are also available with the 10% discount code "Rainbow10".
Albury Estate Fisheries
Albury Estate FisheriesTuesday, November 22nd, 2016 at 5:30am
With Christmas less than 5 weeks away and Black Friday looming we are launching our Xmas Gift page on the Albury Estate Website.

If you are looking for ideas take a visit and you can of course pass the link to friends and family if they are looking for the perfect gift for you.

Albury Estate Fisheries
Albury Estate Fisheries added 7 new photos.Sunday, November 6th, 2016 at 10:21pm
Early and cold November morning one Sunday as the leaves turn.

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