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Latest news from Albury

Updated 19th September

Some beautiful autumnal fishing weather being enjoyed by our anglers. Fine top of the water sport, with dries taking a good number of fish, otherwise BFDs, buzzers, GRHE and Goldhead Daddys working well.

Best of the day water fishing is at Weston where a freshly flooded and restocked Main Lake has been contributing well to catch totals. Great clarity, some blanket weed patches.

In the week to 14th September, the fisheries produced 164 trout, of which  109 were landed at Weston.

Wood Lodge Pool (great clarity with some patchy weed) and Millhouse both adding to the totals.

At Vale End, now restocked and open as normal, after some drainage work in August.

Powdermills restocked  after recent weed cutting boat activity. First few autumn fish now being caught. 11 caught last week to 14th Sept.

All day ticket river beats offering reliable sport until the end of September.

Some places still available on the Albury Park Syndicate. If you like peace and quiet when you fish, a Parkland setting, bespoke brown trout river fishing, your own exclusive lake, access to all the day waters, and a guest to fish with at any tine, then this could be the fishery for you.  For enquiries, or a prospectus, please contact Tony Hern. Rates can be adjusted pro rata for the season already foregone.

Fully Booked Days ahead – none.

Weston - Powder Mills - Vale Park

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How’s it fishing lake by lake: Weston - Powder Mills - Vale Park


18th September

Lovely fishing here at the moment. Clear water, plenty of activity.

In the week to 14th September, 109 trout were landed at Weston.

Good fishing across Weston’s lakes, plenty of cool water coursing through to keep fish on the feed here.

Main Lake now fishing again after a month of drainage and refill. This is already providing some excellent early autumn fishing. Some patchy blanket weed, not moving much in the still air, but clear water beneath.

9lb 4oz rainbow for S Weller (10th Sept) to an Orange nymph; 10lb 3 oz rainbow for Paul Walker (6th Sept) to a size 14 PTN.

Millhouse open and recently weedcut. Improved cooling flow here too.

Prices for 2014: If you go online and purchase your membership and tokens there, you can still enjoy 2013 prices. For ‘on the bank sales’,a new membership card is £3, Day membership is £12, two fish tokens are £21, four fish tokens are £36.

David Cheng took this fine rainbow of 10lb 2oz on 25th July.

David Cheng took this fine rainbow of 10lb 2oz on 25th July.

Best fish out recently – 8lb 4oz rainbow for Ben Griffen (29th Aug) to a nymph; 10lb 2oz rainbow for Simon Chamberlain (15th Aug), on BFD; 8lb 14oz rainbow for Pat Keogh (30th July) to a Damsel Nymph; 10lb 2oz for Youge Cheng (25th July) to a buzzer; 12lb 14oz rainbow for Patrick Gleeson (3rd June) on a Yellow Buzzer.

Office Beat, alongside Millhouse, offers a fine alternative to lake sport, especially during evening sessions, and is open to all day and season anglers.

Catch results for all Albury waters – 164 trout were taken in the week to 14th September. 



This is Weston Main Lake midJuly. Now full again, refreshed and ready to offer some great autumn fishing.


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Powder Mills

17th September

Improving conditions now with reduced air temperatures for a few weeks, one or two fish being caught. Water still coloured green, but clearer patches when the wind blows.

In the week to 14th September, anglers landed just 11 lake fish and 1 river fish.

Best rainbow weights recently – 11lb 0oz for Ronald Lindsey (8th June) to a Buzzer; 9lb 6oz for Tony Wynne (24th May), Redhead Damsel Nymph; 9lb 0oz for Amelda Blignaut (23rd May) to a Dry Mayfly; 10lb 8oz for Luke James (11th May).

Best patterns: BFDs, GRHE and buzzers on the lake, for the river use GRHE and PTN plus evening dries for best results.

On the river section here, the season lasts from April to September inclusive, fish caught only cost you one token, but two tokens for each lake fish.

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Vale End

17th September


David Cheng with his 10lb rainbow, taken on 30th July.


Julian March with a lovely 7lb 4oz rainbow taken on a BFD 21.04.14

Julian March with a lovely 7lb 4oz rainbow taken on a BFD 21.04.14

Belmount and Mill Lake open as normal. River sport still good, lots of wild browns showing, some takeable rainbows too.

Best recent fish – 10lb rainbow for David Cheng (30th July) to a Black Bugger;  9lb 8oz rainbow for Larry Monty (22nd May) to a BFD; 7lb 4oz rainbow for Julian March (21st April) to a BFD; 9lb 12oz rainbow for Keith Andreae (21st March) to a White Lure. 

Teaching day being held on Sat 11th October. £33 per head includes fishing and instruction all day. Please book in via Tony’s mobile 07976 810737.

For further information on Corporate Fishing activities, send Tony an email with your requirements.

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Albury Park

17th September

8lb 8oz for Alan Avis, taken at Park Lake on 13th August to a mini Viva.

Great lake and river fishing now with the reduced early autumn water temperatures, good clarity here too. Daddys, hoppers, sedges and ElkHair caddis all catching well,  Buzzers, BFDs and Sawyers PTN also catching in good numbers.

On the river beats, plenty of flow still for the time of year – legacy of plentiful winter rain – keeps this fishery in good condition. Great sport to daytime nymph and evening dryfly, Weston and Turbine beats offering some particularly good sport. 

Of the larger fish taken – 10lb 8oz and 7lb 8oz rainbows for John Stevens (11th Sept) both to Damsel nymph; 7lb rainbow for Adrian Watts (9th Sept) to a dry daddy; 9lb 6oz rainbow for Phil Newton (3rd Sept) to a BFD; 10lb 6oz rainbow (4th) Sept for Nick Moore; 8lb rainbow for Tony Jackman (7th Sept) to a damsel; 7lb 8oz rainbow for John Alan Clough (29th Aug) to a buzzer; 9lb 7oz rainbow for David Kratt (17th August) on a small Cats; 8lb 8oz rainbow for Alan Avis (13th August) to a mini Viva.

In the week to 14th September, 24 lake rainbows were taken – most anglers currently concentrating on river action to mayfly, 17 takeable river browns came to the net. 

Fishing here is the very best that the Estate has to offer, with guests able to fish with you at any time. One or two vacancies still on offer, so please enquire by emailing Tony.

The recently introduced Family Rod enables up to two family members to fish at any time, including a guest at any time.

For those of you interested in taking out a new application, we have a prospectus available for 2014. Please email Tony. If you have not fished in the Park before, it’s two greatest attributes are the peace and quiet the stunning Parkland setting contributes towards a generally ‘more undisturbed’ day than on the busier day waters – and – the bespoke stocking of the Tillingbourne beats with hard fighting brown trout.


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Latest news from Syon Park

Updated 15th September

Now refilled, restocked and back to normal.  Water clarity is excellent.


How’s it fishing  - Syon

BBC Weather Forecast for Syon

Syon Park

15th September

The fishery re-opened after draining on the 2nd September and the water clarity has remained excellent since. 152 fish taken last week (ending 14th) with the bag evenly split between Buzzers and Goldhead Damsel Nymph patterns.

The best time to fish is on the overcast days when there is enough breeze to put some ripple on the water. Because the water is very clear the bright windless days are much more challenging as the fish become a little spooked, so move around the fishery and be prepared to fish a little deeper in bright conditions. Mornings are definitely more productive, particularly on sunny days.

11lb 12oz Rainbow for Clyde Alexander on a Hare's Ear Nymph.

11lb 12oz Rainbow for Clyde Alexander on a Hare’s Ear Nymph.


 If you are a first time visitor to the fishery, please call the duty bailiff on 07956 378138, preferably the day before your visit to obtain the code to enter into the keypad on the gate entry system. Once on the fishery the bailiff will issue you a membership card which will give you access via a barcode swipe system.  Please note that the gate code is regularly changed; use your card!

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Recently landed Trout from Syon and Albury

Alex Trwhitt 7lb rainbowDraganDragovic9Feb2014RyanBailey8-8Mar2014_800x597 PiotrKrolak9Mar2014_800x597 6brownKieranMcLaughlinMar2014_800x597
StuartHayler7-8B Trout Fished Dec 20139lb trout - fly fished from SyonRoss Dowie 8lb trout Dec2013Pat Gleeson 7lb 12Oz Rainbow Dec 2013Eugen Kavannagh with 7lb rainbow trout at Syon ParGulamabbas Khakoo 12lb 8oz rainbow also taken on a blue flash damsel at WestonKrusztof Kluma 10lb 8oz rainbow taken on a blue flash damsel at WestonTim Jones at Syon Park with 10lb-4oz Rainbow Trout 7lb 9oz Rainbow Trout landed by Ernie Donnell at Syon ParkPeter Reader 14lb 4oz rainbow Vale EndTrevor Puffett 12lb 12oz rainbow trout taken on a cats whisker from WestonPaul Brown, new to the sport of fly fishing catches his first trout at Vale EndMr Embleton 9lb 8oz rainbow at Vale End Mill LakeCharles Kyles12-8 Syon Park Rainbow TroutArtur Lukaszcwicz14-6 Rainbow Trout at Syon ParkPaul Walker Syon 14lb Rainbow TroutSam Kaddoura with 14lb Rainbow at Powder Mills10lb 10oz Rainbow for Jonathan Stevens at Albury Park on GHDJohn Stephens 12.75 lb Rainbow Trout at Powder MillsDariusz Rybinski Rainbow Trout 13-4&10-8 syonHarry Manners 12lb 4oz Syon

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