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Updated 20th February

Last week fished really well with 297 fish caught including some really nice brown trout (see pics below). All venues are fishing really well with lures accounting for most fish but with a few milder days, fish have come up in the water and small nymphs and buzzers have done well.

Richard Algeo caught this superb brown trout at Weston fishery (see pic below).

Looking ahead to next season we have some exciting news. Anglers have long been asking for a catch and release option so we will now allow catch and release fishing on our river beats only. This will obviously be only during the river season of 1st April to end of September. Anglers must use barbless flies only and fish must be treated with great care, preferably being unhooked in the water. There will be no catch and release allowed in any of our lakes and anybody caught doing so will be banned from the fishery. Please also remember the carp lake at Weston also offers another  catch and release option.

Just an early reminder that this seasons current tokens will expire at the end of March with no extentions. 2024/25 tokens will be available to purchase from 1st April and new season memberships will be available from mid march.

There are also a few vacancies available on our Albury Park Syndicate, this allows all the benefits of a season rod plus access to the Albury Park fishery and river tillingbourne beats. Anyone interested please email the fishery.

A couple of really quality brown trout for Freddie Botha and James Evans this week.

Well, almost another year has passed us by on the fishery and it certainly has not been without its challenges. However as we move into December things are looking much brighter with the fishing returning back to its best, largely aided by much cooler weather and lots of rain which has helped replenish the aquifers and we now have lots of water running through Weston fishery as well as the River Tillingbourne which feeds all the other fisheries. With this cooler weather we have been able to stock some really nice spartic trout (Arctic Char, brook trout cross) which are always popular with our anglers and provide a lovely bit of variety to the beautifully conditioned rainbow and brown trout from our own fish farm.

We have organised a couple of events in January 2024 starting with drop in sessions with Peter Cockwill on Januray 24th. This will be at Weston fishery and all anglers are welcome to drop in throughout the day and pick the brains of the best in the business. The day will be a combination of in the lodge activities such as fly tying, knots and leader construction etc, as well as on the bank casting demos. The other event is a tour of our very own fish farm by farm manager Richard King. This will take place on Wednesday 10th January at 10.30am and is a free event. To book a place please email [email protected].

Tactics wise, medium to large lures have really worked the best with Gold head and hothead damsel, Cats Whisker, black and green nomad and black and gold humongous have been the pick of the flies. If the lures are not working or takes dry up try bloodworm and diawl bachs. 

I cant emphasise enough to focus on your leader set up, I see a lot of anglers fishing leaders that are way to short. Quite often they are 4ft to 6ft, leaders ideally want to be 9ft to 12ft, longer if you think you can manage it. Also cover the water in front of you effectively, not just putting the fly in the same spot all the time. Its also important to cover as much water as you can not just stay and fish the same spot all day. There is so much good advice online now and some great videos on youtube on small Stillwater fly fishing not to mention the magazines.

Remember the cafe is open Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 3pm.

Latest From Syon

Updated 14th February

Please could all members swipe their individual membership cards on the gate entry system when entering and exiting the fishery.  If another member is coming in or out of the gate when you arrive or exit the fishery, please can you still swipe your card upon entry/exit.  

If any member is at the entrance without a valid membership card, please call the bailiff.  The number is 07956 378 138.

The lake is fishing well at the moment.  Some lovely big fish were stocked on our last stocking, including some really big brown trout.  You will often find that the browns are caught just past the bridge in the deeper water.  Some lovely sparctics have also been coming out.

Chris caught this stunning sparctic.

It is all about method and finding the depth of the fish at this time of year.  We aren’t seeing fish showing on the surface, so this indicates that they will be low/deep.

Jan has fished at Syon and had this lovely bag of Albury Estate rainbow trout.  

He regularly changed his depth until he found the fish.  This is his method and has paid off. 1 foot down 15 mins – nothing, 2 foot down 15 mins – nothing, 3 foot down, bingo! 3 feet down under an indicator using an Olive tungsten head scud. 

If indicators aren’t your thing, an intermediate line with a sinking/poly leader with tungsten head lures or nymphs will give you that depth without touching the bottom.  These poly leaders all sink at different rates, so read the description before you buy any.  

If you only have a floating line, make sure you still use a sinking/poly leader or attach a sink tip to your floating line and use a fluorocarbon leader with a weighted lure.  Sinking/poly leaders are readily available online. 

There is so much information online now.  Guys have tried full sinking lines with boobies but their fly comes back in with weed off of the bottom.  

Something we commonly see here is anglers stripping lures on a floating line with monofilament leader, often too short, which will not reach the depth of the fish, leaving anglers frustrated.  It’s about presentation of your fly within the water column. Rule of thumb the leader should be the length of your rod at least (9-10 foot).  Fluorocarbon line/leader sinks faster in the water than a monofilament line/leader.

Floating lines are great here at Syon in spring and summer months when we begin to have buzzer hatches, emergers and surface insects.  The fish begin rising and are higher in the water column.  

Change your method, move around and cover different areas of the lake.  This is the best advice.  Also, speak to our other members and their tactics if they are catching.  Speak to the bailiff regarding where the fish are or have been being caught.

The lake here at Syon is a vast expanse of water, and the fish have the ability to go deep.  The lake in the deeper water is 10-12 foot deep. Its about locating the fish and the method approached.

 Remember to wrap up warm and bring some wellingtons.  If you are after a nice breakfast before you start fishing, there is a restaurant on site in Hilliers Garden Centre that serves a good breakfast, other hot food, and hot and cold beverages.

Some great news…..


On Tuesday 16th January, we broke through the ice and had a delivery of some stunning Sparctic trout from Torre Fish Farm.  Because of the ice situation, we have yet to see any of them come out, so there is plenty still to catch in the lake.  The sparctics will provide some great fishing variation for our members.   Flies to try will be Damsels, Cats Whiskers, small nymphs and buzzers.



The water is slightly coloured at the moment.  What we have to bare in mind is we have had an extremely wet winter so far, the ground is extremely wet. With the topography of the fields around the lake, the lake being at a lower point, we will have ground water entering the lake.  This is a completely natural occurrence, and something we can’t control.

We are trialling line disposal bins around the lake.  They are around the lake and one box at the hut.  We would like to ask our members kindly, to not fill these with general rubbish.  General rubbish can still be disposed of in the bin at the fishery hut. Thank you.

*** We would like to remind our members to purchase your day membership and tokens via our website before arriving at the fishery. *

Some improvements to the fishery entrance have now been completed.  We have removed the green exit button, so you will now need to use your membership card when both entering and exiting the fishery.    

Please continue to sign in and out of the fishery, and ensure that fish tokens are posted into the returns box.


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