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Have fun developing your fly fishing skills at Albury

Wherever you are on your fly fishing journey you can develop your skills at Albury Estate Trout Fishery. Our beautifully maintained waters close to London offer the ideal venue for beginners and more experienced fly fishers.

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to start your fly fishing journey, or a more experienced angler wanting to develop your skills our partner We Fly Fish can help.

Their coaching philosophy is to keep sessions safe and fun whilst we develop your skills and inspire you to take the sport further.

Skills Development sessions. One to three 3 hour sessions are typically enough to get a complete beginner confident to fly fish independently.

These include equipment set up, casting, landing fish, basic watercraft and fly selection.

Emphasis is on learning at your pace and adapting to your needs.

Skills Refinement sessions are for intermediate fly fishers with some experience who want to hone casting and watercraft skills. These coaching sessions aim to polish existing skills and introduce more advanced techniques as appropriate. Your objectives will be discussed and realistic learning outcomes agreed. These sessions typically start with a review of foundational skills such as the static roll cast and overhead cast, and often introduce techniques such as off shoulder casts, roll cast pickups, shooting line, hauling, and constant tension casting.

Acquiring these skills allows you to fish at range when needed and also to fish in adverse wind conditions. Where appropriate and with permission video analysis is used. This can capture and slow down casting to point out opportunities for technical improvement.

These sessions can also be used to broaden the range of fly types used, from imitative classic dry flies and nymphs through to the latest attractor patterns and techniques.

Having a range of fly types you are confident with gives you more options and better chances of success.


Our instruction philosophy is to keep sessions safe and fun whilst we develop your skills and inspire you to take the sport further.

Coaching at Albury

Half Day (3 hours) Weekday

Coaching at Syon Park

Half Day (3 hours) Weekday

All aspects of still water trout fly fishing are covered including equipment overview, casting, knots, playing and landing fish, fly selection and presentation.

Does not include Fish Tokens, available to purchase on the day as required.

Weekend and Holidays also available depending on availably. 

Service provided by We Fly Fish

How many adults can learn together?

This depends on the experience levels of the anglers. For complete beginners, one or two anglers per coach works very well. Three or four adult anglers per coach is the upper limit and only works well with intermediate level anglers wanting to refine skills rather than start from scratch.

Where and when does instruction take place?

Depending on conditions coaching sessions are held at Vale End and Weston fisheries both in Albury, Surrey. For longer sessions we often go to both fisheries. Coaching is available throughout the year. Fishing conditions may be more challenging in the warmer months (August and September) when water temperatures are higher. Weekdays tend to be less busy.

What you need to bring.

Most importantly bring eye protection (ideally polarised sunglasses) and a hat with a peak. These are for safety and also to help spot fish. You will be outdoors of course so bring clothing that will keep you comfortable in the conditions that are forecast. Albury Estate fisheries are very well maintained and you will never be more than a short walk (a few hundred meters) on well mown, fairly flat ground. Once fishing you will be standing still and concentrating on what is happening so make sure you are protected from the elements. In the winter fingerless gloves and layered waterproof clothing are helpful, and in the summer bring sunscreen and clothing that will protect you from the sun.

Bring whatever snacks and drinks you will need during the session, there is a village shop in Albury close to the fisheries.

Anglers over 13 need a Rod Licence in their name. You will need the ‘trout and coarse’ option. These can be bought for a day (cost £6), month or annually, and must be obtained in advance from any Post Office or from the official EA website.

Use of all fishing equipment you need is included in the cost.

Terms and Conditions

Payment for the booking can only be made on-line at the WeFly Fish website.

Booking is only confirmed once the time is agreed AND the payment has been made. Until payment is made the time slot is available for others to book.

We understand that emergencies and unexpected situations can occur. If you are unable to make your booking, please get in contact by email. We will then offer your booking time to other clients. If we are successful, we will happily refund your payment or re-arrange your date, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee we will be able to do this. 

If emergencies and unexpected situations mean that we have to cancel prior to the fishing day we will agree an alternative date with you, or provide a full refund.

If you have to cancel for whatever reason you may not receive a refund, this will be at our sole discretion.

Bad weather, water conditions or fish catches are outside of our control and we will not provide refunds for these reasons.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances preventing you arriving at the agreed time and location please email to advise your arrival time. If you are 30 minutes late and have not been in touch the booking will be considered cancelled.

You will be loaned suitable fishing equipment for your session with left hand wind reels. Reasonable losses of flies and tippet are included in the price. Loss or damage to rods, reels or other equipment will be subject to charges to replace them.

How old do you need to be to fly fishing?

We recommend 13 as a minimum age to start fly fishing. We’ve coached younger anglers who have a lot of fun, but they typically don’t have the development to be able to fish independently. For younger anglers we’d suggest they start with another angling discipline that doesn’t involve the challenges of fly casting and that can produce quicker and easier results.

We adapt session plans to the needs of younger anglers, making sure that adequate breaks for rest and snacks are built in, and that explanations and demonstrations meet their needs. Junior anglers need more supervision to keep the sessions safe and fun and we operate the following policy:

13-18 years old: up to two juniors per coach with a parent or guardian present throughout

Low coaching ratios mean junior anglers can usually avoid getting into frustrating tangles when getting started with fly fishing and have a positive experience that they want to repeat.

How to book:

Please contact Marc O’Regan to arrange a time or to discuss any questions you may have.

Go to the WeFlyFish website to purchase lessons.

Lessons at Albury


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Lessons at Syon Park


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