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Updated August 15th

As you can imagine the fishing is very challenging at the moment with stocking suspended in most lakes due to very high water temperatures. The areas worth trying are limited to Wood Lodge and Kingfisher pools at Weston and Mill lake and the river at Vale End. Also with increased water temperatures and clear water the weed in the lakes has really exploded so please bare with us while we work our way around with the weedboat.

Well where’s the summer gone, we are already in July and work on the fishery has been non stop with continual grass cutting , strimming, stocking and weed cutting plus all the other unseen jobs. Its really important that we create a pleasant environment for all anglers to come and enjoy and even if your not catching you can still enjoy being in wonderful surroundings.

Late spring and early summer really saw the fishing at its best with good fly life and cool water, a recipe for some seriously good fishing conditions. Now we are in July its really important you start to think about your fishing if you want to keep on catching. The fish are more fussy and smaller flies, longer leaders and lighter tippets will be the difference between a good and bad day. Also think about covering the water, this might be fan casting the water in front of you or continually moving to different areas of the fishery, just because you caught 4 fish from one spot on your last visit doesn’t mean it will happen on your next. The best times of day to fish at the moment will be early mornings and late evening (remember an evening rod runs from 5pm to dusk and costs £10.50) and some areas will fish better than others. The best of the action over the next couple of months will be Wood Lodge and Kingfisher pools at Weston and Mill lake and the river at Vale End

Please remember that the Cafe at Weston Fishery is open Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 3pm. Serving breakfast including egg, bacon and sausage baps and lunches with hot paninis with various fillings as well as cold drinks, ice creams, cakes and brownies. All anglers and their guests are welcome. The cafe also includes disabled access.

We are still running a big fish competition until the end of June. We are giving away 4 fish tokens to whoever can catch the largest fish. Any fish wanting to be entered must be witnessed and weighed by the bailiff. This beautiful brown trout of 10lb 4oz still is the largest caught so far.

Could I also remind all anglers that there is no catch and release permitted on any of the lakes. If anyone is caught doing this, they will be served with a lifetime ban. Unfortunately we had to serve a lifetime ban to an angler last week who was not following the rules by not putting fish tokens in for all the fish he caught. This sort of thing will not be tolerated.


For those of you who enjoy there river fishing, I have attached some pictures of some wild brown trout redds that I spotted on the Tillingbourne while out walking the dog over Christmas. I don’t think I can remember seeing so much spawning activity all the way along our stretches of river.

Latest From Syon

Updated 12th of July 2022

***** We are no longer doing day membership here at Syon during the summer months. *****

Day tickets here at Syon are currently unavailable.

We are remaining open to season members.


The lakes water clarity is really good at the moment we have a few patches of weed but plenty of open water to fish.

The fish are sitting low in the water with this warmer weather with most fish movement being seen below overhanging trees. Buzzers and Damsels equally good for catching.

Don’t forget your hats, sunglasses and sun cream with hot weather!



Some improvements to the fishery entrance have now been completed.  We have removed the green exit button, so you will now need to use your membership card when both entering and exiting the fishery.    

Please continue to sign in and out of the fishery, and ensure that fish tokens are posted into the returns box.


Please note that Weston Fishery is closed on Saturday 9th July for a private event. 144 fish caught last week. Good fishing areas are Wood Lodge, Kingfisher pools at Weston and Vale End River. Early mornings and late evenings are best times to fish.
Steve Henshall with a nice 7lb 6oz rainbow taken on a humongous from Weston fishery this morning. AlburyFishing photo
For the rest of May and June we are giving away 4 fish tokens to whoever can catch the lagest fish. Entries must be witnessed and weighed by the bailiff. It was kicked off with an amazing 10lb 4oz brown but can it be beaten. AlburyFishing photo
Last couple of days to use this seasons orange fish tickets. Great fishing at the moment with over 400 fish taken last week. Buzzers fishing really well. AlburyFishing photo
Nice 7lb 8oz rainbow for Tony Marsh fishing at Weston this morning. AlburyFishing photo

Look at that gin clear water! It was just a matter of time! Bring on the dry flys!!
Alex came to Syon yesterday and had this lovely Brown Trout! Good work Alex! SyonParkFishery photo
A very different day from yesterday. Trees have been checked for safety. The fishery is now open. Look at that lovely blue sky. Come on down and enjoy a beautiful day on the bank! SyonParkFishery photo

Due to predicted wind forecast and severe weather alerts, for the safety of all our members, the fishery will be closed Friday 18th February 2022.

We take safety of our members very seriously, stay safe.
Tom caught first leaving Peter to land one before the rain came in. Great morning fishing at Syon today. SyonParkFishery photo

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