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Updated May 3rd

The cafe will be open just Tuesday 8.30am to 3pm and Friday 8.30am to 12pm this week.

Please be aware that Weston fishery will be closed on Saturday 14th May for a private function. Vale End and Powdermills will still be open during this time.

Albury Estates Fisheries is sorry to report that Tony Hern died suddenly on Friday, 15th April 2022.

Tony came to Albury Estate Fisheries from Peter Lapsley’s Rockbourne Trout Fishery in March 1992, when we were just completing the building of the Vale End Fishery.   He immediately identified himself with this new fishery, putting it quickly on the map, and making it the most successful of the Albury fisheries at the time. 

His 28 years at Albury established him as one of the great fishing gurus of his time, helping to build the reputation of Albury Estate Fisheries whilst also helping to found a fishing charity for Army veterans and becoming a first class fly fishing instructor/coach, introducing hundreds of new people to the sport.   In recent years Tony ran the Park Syndicate single-handedly, making many close friends of the fishermen and carrying out his river keeping skills, which he had learned many years previously on the Hampshire rivers, to great effect.  

He will be greatly missed by all of us at Albury and the fishing community will be very much the poorer for his absence.  

We send our sincere condolences to his family.

Just to let you all know that the Cafe will now be open Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 3pm. Please support it if you can. 

The fishing is really good at the moment and I urge anglers to make the most of the next few months as we all know how hard the fishing can be once we hit the warm summer months. Also remember evening rods are available from 5pm onwards for £10.50 plus fish tokens if you haven’t already got some. 

On the lakes a wide range of tactics have worked from pulling lures to fishing dries but for me, this time of year and for the coming weeks will see fish feeding hard on buzzers. An angler spooned his fish last week and its belly was full of black buzzers. If buzzer fishing is not your thing then the usual BFD, Montana, PTN and GRHE will pick up fish. All lakes worth a try and all are showing good water clarity. The river season started on April 1st and gosh it was a cold start to the season but now things have warmed up a bit the fish are starting to look up. Mayfly have been seen but the main hatch is still a week or two away.

Could I also remind all anglers that there is no catch and release permitted on any of the lakes. If anyone is caught doing this, they will be served with a lifetime ban. Unfortunately we had to serve a lifetime ban to an angler last week who was not following the rules by not putting fish tokens in for all the fish he caught. This sort of thing will not be tolerated.


For those of you who enjoy there river fishing, I have attached some pictures of some wild brown trout redds that I spotted on the Tillingbourne while out walking the dog over Christmas. I don’t think I can remember seeing so much spawning activity all the way along our stretches of river.

Latest From Syon

Updated 11th May 2022

Over the last few weeks here at Syon, we have had some floating weed and detritus on the waters surface, and then a brown bloom. This is a natural seasonal occurrence.  The floating weed/detritus did make it slightly tricky fishing.   We are pleased to say that the weed has now dispersed and the water has started to clear.  The lake is looking really good and the clarity is great.  

It is always nice when the cows return to Syon for their summer grazing, so keep a look out and hopefully you will see them with their lovely calves at foot.  

The fishing has been good recently, with buzzers (mainly black) seeing best results.  Around the bridge and the island are where the majority of the fish are being caught.  The fish are still deep, so fishing buzzers deep is the way forward.

The water is heaving with daphnia.  Make sure you have some weighted pink or orange blobs or orange fritz in your fly boxes.  These can imitate a ball of daphnia.

Another fly for the box – Black and peacock spider fly.  Although we are seeing a lot of hatches and insect life above the waters surface, no real significant rises or surface action is being noted yet.    

We definitely recommend you try to squeeze in some fishing as much as you can before the hot weather really gets underway, as we all know this is when the fishing gets tough!

Some improvements to the fishery entrance have now been completed.  We have removed the green exit button, so you will now need to use your membership card when both entering and exiting the fishery.    

We would like to thank our anglers for keeping the loo in good shape.  Please continue to look after it.

Could day members please call the bailiff phone when you arrive at the fishery so that we can book you in and issue fish tokens.

Please continue to sign in and out of the fishery, and ensure that fish tokens are posted into the returns box.



Last couple of days to use this seasons orange fish tickets. Great fishing at the moment with over 400 fish taken last week. Buzzers fishing really well. AlburyFishing photo
Nice 7lb 8oz rainbow for Tony Marsh fishing at Weston this morning. AlburyFishing photo
222 fish caught last week with some stunning fish between 6lb and 8lb. Please remember this seasons orange fish tickets expire the end of March 2022. New tokens and season membership out the middle of March. AlburyFishing photo
Please take care if you are fishing over the next few days as there are some extremely strong winds forecast. This week Daryl Wilde managed to catch an absolute beauty of a brown trout weighing 8lb’s. Last weeks catches were good with 249 fish caught. AlburyFishing photo
Another good weeks fishing with 262 fish caught. Weston was the top performer with 135, Powdermills 82 and Vale End 45. AlburyFishing photo
Ice Update
Weston 70% frozen, space for 8 to 10 anglers
Vale End 80% frozen, space for 4 anglers
Powdermills 90% frozen, space for 2 anglers

A very different day from yesterday. Trees have been checked for safety. The fishery is now open. Look at that lovely blue sky. Come on down and enjoy a beautiful day on the bank! SyonParkFishery photo

Due to predicted wind forecast and severe weather alerts, for the safety of all our members, the fishery will be closed Friday 18th February 2022.

We take safety of our members very seriously, stay safe.
Tom caught first leaving Peter to land one before the rain came in. Great morning fishing at Syon today. SyonParkFishery photo
Steve has had a great morning catching his first Brown trout! SyonParkFishery photo
Another lovely frost this morning! The lake has a very thin covering of ice with fishable areas! The sun is out so will begin to thaw! SyonParkFishery photo

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