Albury Fisheries September News

It has been a while since my last newsletter but as you can imagine the summer months are no time to be sitting in the office with endless hours of maintenance jobs to do around the fisheries. With four sites (Weston,Vale End, Powdermills and Park) to look after the hours mowing, strimming, weed cutting, stocking not to mention bailiffing and a multitude of other jobs just makes the summer fly by and I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it without a great little team of Steve and Luke, who is studying at Sparsholt but has been working with us during the holidays which will hopefully continue.

Winter Season

We have had lots of people asking about the winter season rod and am glad to say that this is now available to purchase online at £125, the same cost as last season. Winter season membership offers fishing from October 1st 2021 to end of March 2022 and gives you unlimited access to all fisheries (excluding the Park Syndicate). During this period we will see the best fishing when the trout are at their most active. This is also a time when we are able to stock some other trout species like the Spartic trout and Arctic char that need the lower water temperatures. Season rods can also buy fish tokens in larger multiples to make further savings.

Syon Park News

It has been a very wet summer this year, so lots of grass cutting on the fishery and estate.

Fishing became very hard here at Syon before the drain down due to high water temperatures. We had the Conver weed cutting boat out on the lake at the end of July, and a lot of elodea was cut and collected before we commenced the drain down. We began a drain down first week of August. Everything went according to plan once the pumps arrived. A lot of elodea in the lake this year, so constant monitoring of the pumps to ensure they did not become blocked with weed. Mike fell into shallow water when trying to unblock one of the strainers, which the team found amusing. The team at Albury came down to net the lake, and 150 fish were taken away, including a nice brown trout that had eluded our anglers. We have had some unusual bird activity on the lake since the drain down. A flock of Little Egrets visited the lake daily, and were seen wading and feeding in the shallow waters. When our anglers return, they will notice bank works we have been undertaking during the closure. We have a small digger and have been removing some reeds and flag iris around the lake.

The team at Syon are looking forward to seeing everyone once we reopen and welcoming them back. We know that some of our anglers have been itching to wet a line and we are excited to see some great fishing once we reopen. All of our hard work to improve our anglers fishing experience will be worth it.

Events and Other News

As we approach autumn and winter we will be looking to start up our Albury Fishing club events which in the past has included some fantastic talks from Peter Cockwill and Charles Jardine. Our First event will be our annual away day grayling fishing trip to the Lower Itchen fishery in October which due to COVID we could not run last year. I am just awaiting confirmation on availability and will publish the confirmed date on the website as soon as I know but it will be a midweek day. Anyone interested please email me to put your name down. I will also be putting out dates for some talks by guest speakers which will take place in the new fishing lodge.

Tight lines and hope to see you all very soon at the lakes. 

Stay safe.

Cameron Craigs

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