Albury Fisheries March 2022 News

Well here we are again, the end of the season is upon us. All at Albury Estate Fisheries would like to thank for your continued support in what has generally been a good year and we look forward to the new season hopefully free of any covid restrictions and a return to normality.

We would also like to remind you that this years orange tokens expire at the end of March and the new 2022/23 tokens and membership will be available from Monday 21st March. If you unable to use your tokens before the end of March they can be exchanged for a frozen fish from Kingfisher Farm Shop in Abinger Hammer RH5 6AG available now and not from the fishing lodge at Weston as stated on the tokens. Alternatively they can be exchanged for a fresh fish from Littleford Trout Farm from 21st – 25th march, please call farm manager Richard King on 07967 461063 before visiting.

Unfortunately, as expected, there will be a small increase in membership prices and fish tokens this season of around 5%. This is necessary due to the continual increases in fish food prices and the huge increase in energy costs this year which we have to account for somehow. As ever the best value option for regular visitors is to purchase a season membership, this will allow you unlimited visits to Weston, Vale End, Powdermills and Syon Park and season rod members can purchase tokens in higher multiples making the cost per token cheaper.

The fishing lodge at Weston has been open for some time now and is proving very popular. As of next week it will open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 1pm for breakfasts and light lunches as well as teas and coffees. During the last few weeks of March we are running a promotion of a free hot drink with any breakfast food purchase before 11am. The lodge is also now available for private function hire and weddings, details of this can be found on the website.

Back to the fishing, the start of the season is always an exciting time of year and all our venues should fish well until the heat of the summer slows things down as it does each year. Fishing at Albury is unique with a variety of venues to explore with both lake and river fishing available and we urge anglers to experience it all to get the most from your visits. When fishing gets tough in the summer be prepared to make changes, try the river and the cooler waters to increase your chances and remember you have the benefit of the token system to catch your fish another day should you blank.

This year we have experienced an increasing level of rule breaking with more anglers practicing catch and release and abusing the token system by taking more fish than they declare. Sadly we have had to ban several anglers caught doing this and we will now issue a lifetime ban to any angler caught breaking the rules.


Syon Park News

We have all had a strange couple of years, but it is always great to see our members being able to enjoy some tranquil time fishing here at Syon. We have already started to cut the grass around the fishery and it won’t be long until the cows return for their summer grazing. 

The Syon team would like to thank all our members for their continued support and making it an enjoyable place for us all. Some great community spirit seen, with a couple of our members leaving some flys in the hut for everyone to take and give them a try. 

The lake is currently gin clear and on sunny afternoons, hatches are occurring and small white flys are hovering above the waters surface. We are looking forward to seeing some dry fly action soon. Some great fishing pictures have been loaded up on our twitter page over the last few months.

We are fast approaching the end of the season, so we would like to gently remind anyone who regularly fishes at Syon to try and use your orange tokens by the end of March.

We are regularly updating the chalk board with flys that are working, so it is always worth a read when entering the fishery. 

Thanks again to everyone and we look forward to seeing you around the lake, as always. 


Tight lines and hope to see you all very soon at the lakes. 

Stay safe.

Cameron Craigs

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